Byron Templeton, L.Ac., MSAc.

Byron Templeton is an experienced practitioner with a passion for sharing his knowledge and skills in alternative medicine with the citizens of Beckley. 

Byron began his journey as a healer in 2004 as a licensed bodyworker. Before long, he grew even more deeply intrigued by how the body worked and went on to complete training in Personal Training, Naturopathic Medicine, and finally Traditional Oriental Medicine. Byron received his acupuncture training at the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture in Arizona.

Now, Byron offers a wealth of information and a unique approach to healing at On-Point Health and Wellness. He blends both East and West, traditional and specialized acupuncture styles (micro-acupuncture and Dr. Tan balance method), and the power of Eastern and Western healing philosophies.  

Byron's Specialties

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