Cupping Treatments in Beckley WV

Many people are curious about cupping but know little about it. Here, we’ll dive into the basics of cupping, how cupping works, who can benefit from cupping, and the meaning behind those marks!

What Is Cupping?

Have you ever seen a professional athlete sporting dark circles on their back and wondered what those peculiar marks were? Those marks are the tell-tale sign that they gave some extra self-care to their muscles with cupping.

Cupping might sound new but it’s actually an old technique, originating in ancient medical systems.

Fire Cupping works by using a flame to create a vacuum inside a glass cup. The cup is then applied to the skin to lift tension in the muscles, improve circulation, and relieve pain. Cupping is most often done on the back but can be used for other areas as well.

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Should I Try Cupping?

Cupping can treat a wide variety of issues, from situations as critical as a poisonous snake bite to something as benign as a common cold. These days, cupping is most commonly used to treat body and muscle pains, headaches, flu symptoms, inflammation, and improving circulation.

You may benefit from cupping if:

  • You have pain, tightness, or muscle tension.
  • You suffer from headaches.
  • You struggle with stress or sleeping issues.
  • You have chest congestion.
  • You want to try a natural way to boost your overall health.

Are Those Bruises?

Cupping is famous for the pinkish-purple circles that appear after the treatment. These are not bruises, but areas where toxins, stagnation, and tension was released. Bruises result of trauma or impact to the body and often feel sore. Cupping marks do not feel sore and do not damage the body tissues. These fade within just a few days. The more often a person receives cupping the less the marks will show with each additional treatment.

Yes, cupping is safe!

Just like any other treatment that requires a licensed professional, such as physical therapy, cupping is a completely safe practice when performed in the right hands.

If you’d like to find out more about cupping or would like to schedule an appointment to see if cupping is right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at On Point Health & Wellness today!

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