New Offering: Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Sessions


We are BIG fans of the Oxy Health line of hyperbaric oxygen chambers – and now we’re finally able to offer this service to you! Try our new hyperbaric oxygen chamber beginning in late November 2020.

Why do we love the hyperbaric oxygen chamber so much?

  • Improves healing and recovery times
  • Can help improve skin health
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • May benefit mood health
  • Improves circulation
  • May help relieve pain

More about Oxy Health Hyperbaric Chambers

OxyHealth’s portable chambers are the only portable chambers approved by the International Olympic Committee. There are over 500 NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA, MMA and Olympic athletes, in addition to their medical training staff, who entrust their livelihood and recovery to OxyHealth.

Their chambers are utilized by over 3,000 physicians and have been used to treat hundreds of thousands of patients world-wide. More medical professionals choose OxyHealth chambers for the health, safety and recovery of their patients than any other chamber provider world-wide.

Ready to book your first hyperbaric oxygen chamber session?

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