Manage Your Child’s ADHD and Anxiety Naturally With Neurofeedback

How To Manage Your Child’s ADHD and Anxiety Naturally

If your child struggles with anxiety or ADHD, they’re not alone. Almost 10% of school-aged children are diagnosed with anxiety, and 1 in 5 struggle with ADHD or other learning challenges. These issues are just as frustrating for your child as they are for you as a parent. And, they can hold them back from enjoying learning and life to the fullest. With neurofeedback, available at On-Point Health & Wellness in Beckley WV, you can help to manage your child’s ADHD naturally!

Manage Your Child's ADHD Naturally With Neurofeedback

Help your child work with their brain, instead of against it.

Neurofeedback To Manage Your Child's ADHD

Neurofeedback may sound complex, but it’s actually a simple concept. The brain emits different types of brain waves when we are focused compared with when we are daydreaming. By using neurofeedback, we can better understand the brain waves your child’s brain is using. Then, we can use strategies to help their brain emit focused brain waves when it’s time for school and focused activities. As a result, your child’s behavior is less impulsive or distracted, and they feel more in control of their mind and body.

Neurofeedback To Manage Your Child's Anxiety

Just as the brain has different wavelengths when focused or daydreaming, there are also certain patterns that occur when we feel calm or anxious. Using neurofeedback, we can better understand what triggers our child’s anxiety, and train the brain to produce alpha waves, the waves associated with a relaxed state (like meditation). This gives your child the ability to create their own calm when they need it and feel more empowered and safe at school.

Every Child Has A Unique Brain That Deserves To Be Understood

We believe every child has a unique brain that deserves to be understood. Are you ready to help your child have a calm and focused school year? Schedule their first neurofeedback session to get started today! With neurofeedback, available at On-Point Health & Wellness in Beckley WV, you can help to manage your child’s ADHD and anxiety with holistic, all natural solutions!

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