Brain Secrets: What Is Your Brain Really Saying?

What Is Your Brain Really Saying To You?

Have you ever wanted to read other people’s minds? What about your own? The brain sends powerful messages that can help us improve our health and progress, but we don’t always know how to read them.

Thankfully, On-Point Health & Wellness in Beckley WV can help you translate these messages! We use a process called Neurofeedback that analyzes data from the brain to learn more about your body’s state of health, stressors, obstacles, triggers, and more. Then, we create a completely customized treatment plan based on exactly what your body needs, as directed by your own brain.

This month, we’re offering FREE CONSULTS to see if you’re a fit for Neurofeedback. If so, you’ll also be able to take advantage of our BRAIN MAP SPECIAL for only $350!

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback (also called biofeedback or QEEG) is a therapy that gives immediate feedback on your brainwave activity.

How does Neurofeedback / QEEG work?

QEEG, or Quantitative Electroencephalography, is a version of neurofeedback that acts as a brain map. It uses technology and data to analyze what is going on in the brain. Our Neurofeedback specialists in Beckley WV analyze this data to learn more about your body’s stressors and obstacles to healing so we can create the most effective treatment plan for you. Then, we can use the machine to regulate and improve brain function for better healing.

Want to learn more?

This article shows why neurofeedback is a game-changer for ADHD.


This story showcases neurofeedback as a solution for tricky health problems.


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