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Yoga is more than just an exercise regimine…but a tool to improve total body and mind fitness.

Yoga Classes in Beckley WV

Learn From Certified Yoga Instructors

Here at The Yoga Studio we offer multiple classes with a variety of disciplines for all experience levels.  Each instructor here at The Yoga Studio in Beckley WV is certified and has all the proper credentials needed to teach yoga safely and effectively. We offer classes Monday through Saturday, and you can find our schedule here.

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Beginner Yoga

With over 300 positions in the practice of yoga, brand new students learn fundamental poses, breath control, and listening to the body.  Strengthen the body, improve balance, and flexibility.

Gentle Yoga

This class teaches the power of breath, movement, and listening to your own body.  Great for people with injuries, seniors, pregnant women, and anyone interested in a gentler approach.

Restorative Yoga

Therapeutic and relaxing, this class emphasizes stillness and gentle movement for extended periods.  Slow, passive stretching techniques plus meditation to refresh the mind and body.

Experience The Benefits of Yoga


Get reacquainted with yourself by connecting the body to the mind.

Strength Building

Stretch and workout the entire body – releasing toxins and burning calories.

Stress Relief

Provide your mind a chance to realign to achieve a true sense of calm, happiness and focus.

Relax & Refresh

Focus on the present moment, a difficult task in the stressful nature of modern life.

Beauty of Body

Poses help to strengthen the core, hips, buttocks, thighs, and waist.

Mind & Soul

Yoga sharpens your mind as well as your body, which is why millions gravitate to it worldwide.

Ready To Get Started

On-Point Health and Wellness offers a full list of drug-free treatments for muscle and acute pain, emotional issues, digestive disorders, headaches, and more. Click the buttons below to see our Yoga Studio class schedule, or to book your yoga class in Beckley WV today!

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What People Are Saying

A great place for a true beginner! The experience level of each participant is taken into account at the beginning of each class, and the instructors are attentive with each person and his or her needs throughout.” Read Review

Jane E. Harkins

Student, The Yoga Studio

I can’t say enough good things about all the instructors here. The clientele is warm and inviting. Not only is it yoga, but it’s the spiritual growth you leave here with as well.Read Review

Alyce Lee

Student, The Yoga Studio

“Men and women of all ages, body types and flexibility levels are invited to experience the healing benefits of yoga at a newly opened studio in Beckley.” Read Article

Wendy Holdren

Reporter, Register-Herald

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