Pediatric Acupuncture Treatments in Beckley WV

Chinese medicine offers holistic, safe, and comfortable methods for treating your child’s health concerns.

We believe that kids deserve to be…well, kids! They should grow up healthy, active, and happy. That’s why On-Point Health and Wellness specializes in treating children of all ages with non-invasive, natural techniques that help them grow and thrive.

What is Pediatric Acupuncture?

From tummy troubles to anxiety, skin conditions to allergies, acupuncture can help relieve many childhood health troubles. Beyond surface-level symptom relief, Chinese medicine works deeper to reinforce your child’s own healing mechanisms to set them up for a healthier future.

We Help Kids Overcome…

  • Skin Conditions like Eczema
  • Infections and Respiratory Complaints
  • Sleep Troubles
  • Digestive Complaints
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Emotional Struggles and Stress
Treating Childhood Eczema with Acupuncture and Herbs

How Does Pediatric Acupuncture Work?

Depending on the severity of the child’s condition, thin acupuncture needles usually work the best when used in conjunction with herbs that strengthen the main organs for pediatric health: the spleen, kidney, and lungs.  For the best results, a child should be treated a few times a week for the first month. Once the benefits are showing signs of improvement, weekly treatments are recommended until the condition is cleared.

We're Here To Help

Whether the issue is chronic or acute problems or you simply just want to find ways of healing without prescription drugs, contact a professional at On Point Health & Wellness in Beckley WV for a consultation today.

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