Herbal Consultations at On-Point Health & Wellness in Beckley WV

Herbal Consultations in Beckley WV

On Point Health and Wellness Herbal Consultations are one-on-one consultations used for prescribing individualized herbal medicine and supplements based on personal health, fitness, and performance goals.  Western Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Modern Nutritional Supplements are prescribed as therapy to restore balance and optimize health, fitness, and performance. 

Treating Childhood Eczema with Acupuncture and Herbs

How Does It Work?

Herbal Consultations consist of completing a detailed in-person herbal intake with a practitioner.  Initial appointments may also involve Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine diagnostic techniques such as tongue diagnosis and pulse diagnosis to properly prescribe herbs or supplements based on individual health imbalances and patterns.  Initial appointments are 1 hour and follow-ups are 30 minutes.  Follow-up appointments are necessary.

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We're Here To Help

Whether the issue is chronic or acute problems or you simply just want to find ways of healing without prescription drugs, contact a professional at On Point Health & Wellness in Beckley WV for a consultation today.

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