Four Yoga Poses For Alleviating Stress And Depression

There are no two ways about it, Yoga is hugely beneficial for counteracting the anxiety and depression.

There are no two ways about it, Yoga is hugely beneficial for counteracting the anxiety and depression. Since Yoga works your body and mind through its series of poses it helps the practitioner focus their energies inward. This is essentially a meditation which helps one center their thoughts and create a sense of overall calm.

When breathing is controlled it slows the heart rate and lowers stress as well as quiets the mind. When the mind is relaxed it becomes easier to obtain clarity.

Although yoga, in general, is an excellent practice for reducing anxiety and battling depression, some poses are more beneficial than others. Below are four poses that are proven to be particularly useful.


From a standing position place your palms open and to your side. This is a full body pose so it helps ground you. If you would like, close your eyes as you open palms while keeping your body as strong as you can.  Now keep your ribs down and tailbone tucked then put your shoulders back, extend your neck and keep core tight.



This pose is a heart opener as it stretches the abdomen, shoulders, and chest.  It is known for helping illuminate your insights. Tuck your toes under and keep your hands on the lower back.  Push your hips forward while lifting and begin opening your chest outward.




While laying on your mat, pull your heels towards hips and then using your inner feet lift your hips while exhaling.  As much as you can keep feet and thighs parallel. Stay on your shoulders by placing your hands beneath the pelvis. To exit the pose, gently roll your spine downward.




After you have completed the more strenuous poses, child’s pose is a great pose for resting.  Bring the balls of your feet together while keeping knees wide and then push your hips back over your heels. At this point simply extend arms outward.


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