Why Yoga Instructors Should Be Licensed

Is your yoga instructor a licensed professional? Here at The Yoga Studio, all of our instructors are licensed in their practice and teaching of yoga.

The Issue

It’s no surprise that yoga classes have been popping up everywhere in recent years. From big cities to small towns, the United States has become obsessed with this Eastern exercise and well-being phenomenon. Just as yoga classes have been popping up everywhere, so have yoga instructors. Yoga instructors typically lead yoga classes, instructing students to use proper form in yoga poses. Yoga instructors are there to encourage safety, and the most effective reaping of benefits, from each yoga pose. Licensed yoga instructors are professionals that have spent years practicing and teaching yoga. Therefore, licensed instructors know what is best for yoga students at each level and can encourage the safest, most efficient yoga practice for each individual. Read on to find out more about why your yoga instructor should be a licensed professional.

Gaining the Credentials

According to Yoga Alliance, a licensed yoga instructor should have completed anywhere between 200 and 500 hours of training before gaining their credentials. This means that a licensed yoga instructor should be well-versed in the practice of yoga; not someone who has simply purchased a “license” online or elsewhere. Yoga instructors are responsible for the safety and proper instruction of their students, which is no small task. There are levels of yoga that anyone can participate in, and a licensed instructor can help you understand and stay within your comfort level physically. Also, yoga instructors can challenge you slightly without pushing you to physical injury or displeasure. Moreover, instructors can recognize improper form in yoga poses and help prevent injury from occurring.

What We Offer

Here at The Yoga Studio we offer multiple classes taught by licensed professionals. Each instructor here at The Yoga Studio is certified and has all the proper credentials needed to teach yoga safely and effectively. We offer classes Monday through Saturday, and you can find our schedule here, on our home page.

Office Hours

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