Why Do Yoga?

Yoga is the best exercise you can do for total body and mind fitness, a point which is difficult to argue with.

At its core, yoga is an exercise and exercise is always good, there’s just no denying that fact. It feels good to work out the body. Not only do you get a satisfying sense of accomplishment, but you can drop needed pounds while toning up. The thing is, though, yoga sharpens your mind as well as your body, which is why millions gravitate to it worldwide. 

When you do yoga, you focus on the present moment, something that many of us have difficulty doing with the push and pull stressful nature of modern life. Yoga gives you the chance during practice to get reacquainted with yourself and helps connect body to mind. 


Yoga is the best exercise you can do for total body and mind fitness, a point which is difficult to argue with. Not only do you stretch and workout every bit of your body – releasing toxins and burning calories, but you provide your mind a chance to realign and achieve a true sense of calm, which improves overall happiness and focus.

Isn’t yoga a religious thing?


Unfortunately, there has been a stigma surrounding yoga for far too long that yoga is a religious act connected to Eastern religions. This is incorrect. Although yoga originated in Northern India as a part of Hinduism, the practice in itself is not religious. The modern incarnation of yoga practiced around the world is based on the original concepts of posture, breathing, meditation and correct living from its Hindu roots but in its essence it is no more a religious practice than any other forms of exercise you’ll find at the gym.

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One of the best parts of beginning a yoga practice is that it’s so easy to get started. Throw on some comfy clothes, put your mat down, and walla… it’s time to get your stretch on. It may feel awkward and even humorous at first, but rest assured, when you walk out of that studio fresh and relaxed, with a sudden new pep in your step, you’ll instantly understand why yoga is renown the world over for injecting health, happiness, and balance into people’s lives.

If you have questions or are thinking of starting a yoga routine of your own and live in the Southern West Virginia area, give The Yoga Studio a buzz at (304) 890-8020 or info@wvyogastudio.com today!

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