Yoga For New Mothers

There's no question that for most practitioners, getting back to your yoga routine after a pregnancy can't come soon enough.

Carrying a little one for nine months does a particular variety of “things” to your body, so of course, you want to get back to those exercises that help you get back in shape and reconnected with your body.  

An important thing to keep in mind, however, the body you have now might be just a tad different from the one you had before getting pregnant.  

This realization can be frustrating. The goal is to not get too carried away remembering all the wonderful poses you were able to do once upon a time.

As the saying goes, “you’ve gots to work with what your momma gave you,” or in this case, your newborn.  

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying those days are long gone, far from it. This is just a friendly reminder that it’ll take some time, a little bit of work, and some patience to get you to your former glory.

Postpartum And Your Yoga Practice


If you’re a new mother and you’ve discussed yoga with your doctor, you probably already know, a minimum of six weeks is recommended before returning to your practice and even more for those who have had a cesarean.  Just to be safe, it’s always smart to have your doc give you the okay before breaking out your spandex and mat.


However exciting it may be to pick your practice back up, remember, take it slow.  The last thing you need to do shortly after a pregnancy is to push yourself too hard.  Ease into it. Getting back in shape is a process not a race.



Yoga: What’s Good For You Is Good For Your Baby


After a pregnancy, it’s only right that your newborn is attached to your hip, which can make returning to your practice difficult.  If and when you are ready to take a little space we’re here to tell you, yoga will do a world of good for you both.


By nurturing your body and your soul with yoga you in turn return to your child with a freshness and invigoration that helps your state of mind and overall health.  Being a mom is tough. By taking the time, however brief, to work on yourself is something that you’ll not regret once you’ve experienced the results.


If you have questions concerning yoga for new moms or would like to get your practice back on track after a pregnancy,  please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at The Yoga Studio at (304) 890-8020 or email info@wvyogastudio.com


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