Yoga For Lower Back Issues

There are no two ways about it, Yoga is hugely beneficial for counteracting the anxiety and depression.

The lumbar region of the lower back is an area that becomes a trouble spot for many at some point or another.  Regardless if you have a sedentary work environment such as a desk job or have a more hands on active one like construction, this section of the back is at risk.  Those who have dealt with lower back issues know, it’s can seriously sour the mood of your day-to-day life when left untreated.

Although western medicine offers several approaches to the problem, ranging from steroid injections and physical therapy to the myriad of prescription nerve and pain killing drugs, the truth is few if any of these are actually long term solutions to the problem. The best line of defense in helping prevent lower back flare ups is strengthening the area. In addition to strength building, yoga offers a great natural form of pain relief. Whether you’ve been doing yoga for years or are just getting interested, check out these poses for lower back health.  


Sphinx Pose

This is hands down one of the best poses for the lower back. The Sphinx pose tones the spine by activating the sacral-lumbar arch. Considering how much sitting we do in the modern world it’s good to remember this area needs love and attention too. Begin the pose by lying stomach down with feet roughly hip width apart. Now, bring elbows right under your shoulders. In the case you are feeling too much pressure simply put elbows forward until you find a comfortable zone. Hold the sphinx for 3 minutes. Come out by lowering the upper body on the floor and relax.

Cat and Cow Pose

Although these poses seem simple, you are in actuality fully stretching your entire spine as well as your hips. Begin the pose by getting down on all fours. Take a deep inhale then lift chest and tailbone upward. Now exhale, arch your back, and press through your shoulders while dropping the head. Repeat these motions in a manner timed to your breathing and remember to take your time a really breathe into each motion.


Supine Twist


Twisting of the spine is one of the best forms of tension relief you can do for the lower lumbar area. It doesn’t hurt too that the position is in a nice relaxing position on the ground and that gravity is in the most part doing the work for you. Begin by lying down flat on your back. Make a T-shape with your arms on the ground next to you and then slowly bring knees up towards your chest area as much as you can. Gradually lower knees together to the left while turning gaze in the opposite direction. Maintain this pose for up to 4 minutes and then repeat on the opposite side. If needed, add a block or pillow between the knees for additional comfort.


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