Here are 5 great reasons why you should trade in your cozy winter sweater for spandex and hit the yoga studio – you’ll be happy you did, even on the coldest day of the year.

It boosts your immune system

Yoga helps the body cleanse the kidneys and liver and lowers our stress level; all of which
provide a wonderful immune boost. Especially in the winter months when we typically eat fewer fruits and veggies.

It can help relieve arthritis symptoms

Yoga limbers you up from head to toe and can make a big difference in arthritis symptoms.
Regular yoga classes have been proven to have a big impact on arthritis symptoms and
disability. The cold days of winter can make the pain and lack of mobility of osteoarthritis even worse so doing yoga regularly can help immensely.

 It can help you avoid winter weight gain

While yoga isn’t as strenuous as a spinning class or the treadmill, it’s a smart part of a weight maintenance routine. Staying on track with your yoga routine all year round, especially in those cold winter months can help you maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan.

It can help you beat the winter blues

Numerous studies have linked regular yoga practice to improved mental health: which is what we all need to fight away those winter blues. Yoga fights depression, seasonal affective disorder, and stress. A full yoga class can take you from a vigorous flow into a state of total relaxation. Who wouldn’t want that?

 It provides a much-needed break

In warm weather, it’s easy to walk outside and breath in that fresh air and sunshine, but that can be harder to do in winter when it’s snowing and below zero. Yoga allows you to focus on your breath and poses, block out the world, and feel as toasty as you would on a beach.

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